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The MiniMonsters Amplifier! Skulls & Roses

Despite its small size, this amp is capable of delivering a big, powerful sound that's perfect for blues rock and metal players.
The MiniMonsters Amplifier features advanced digital signal processing technology to produce a high-quality, tube-like distortion that's rich and full-bodied. This means you can get incredible tone without having to lug around a heavy, bulky amp.
Despite its small size, the MiniMonsters Amplifier is also impressively loud, making it ideal for practicing at home, jamming with friends, or even miking up playing small gigs. And thanks to its compact design it will fit in your guitar case, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

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The MiniMonster Distortion Pedal offers a natural tube-like distortion based

on the sound of a cranked vintage Model T amplifier, in a compact footswitch pedal.

Equipped with true bypass for an enhanced tone, this powerful distortion pedal offers a wide range of gain with a rich tone.

 It really is face meltingly loud this pedal is ideal for any level of player

MiniMonster Distortion Pedal

The MiniMonster Twin Channel Valve Preamp Pedal is an genuine all-tube twin preamp powered by two 12au7 valves in a pedal. This versatile preamp is designed to give guitarists access to a wide palette of 
rich guitar sounds in any situation.
Designed for great versatility it adds 2 additional clean/drive/distortion channels to vintage/boutique guitar amps or works as a professional stand-alone direct recording tube preamplifier. The clean channel possesses a beautifully pure, ‘glassy’ character and audio circuitry within the drive channel is tuned to generate a rich, full-bodied and devastatingly smooth overdrive. The pedal features two independent channels, with separate volume tone and gain controls which go from classy clean sounds to mild overdrive to full on valve power distortion, one channel can be used to boost the second channel for full saturation.