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Dalmedo Custom Stompboxes are all individualy handcrafted from the finest tonewoods and unlike other Stomp Boxes have a tuned acoustic chamber to give a low bass sound similar to a Bass drum. The Stomp Box is fitted with a Powerful D.C Tranducer pickup Fitted to the inside with a single jack output which can be plugged directly into an amplifier or a PA. By tapping your foot on the box, it provides a rhythmic accompaniment while enabling you to play other instruments (guitar etc) simultaneously .

The Stompbox can make several differing tones (bass drum, tom, conga, , washboard, etc.), depending on where you make contact, what shoes you wear and several other variables, it can also be played with your hands, drum sticks Etc. The D.C Stomp Box is used by many well known and respected musicians around the world both live and in the studio. Only £79.99 INC FREE Shipping.

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Current stock includes

Aynsley Lister Model  £85.00

Solid Flame Maple £90.99

Canadian Spruce / American Oak £79.99

Canadian Spruce / Mahogany £79.99

Canadian Spruce / French Walnut  £79.99

Canadian Spruce / Indian Rosewood £85.00

Canadian Spruce / Ebony £85.00

Canadian Spruce / Cocobolo £99.00 

Square Stomp Box £85 (pre order)

Double Bass Drum Stomp Box

Stomp Box with your own logo P.O.A

Custom Shapes & Sizes


Dalmedo Stomp Box


See/Leave Stomp Box Feedback


Hi Tito,
  I hope you are really well, I just wanted to write and say that I am
just about to release my second record after a full UK tour this year
and my Dalmedo stompbox has been with me every step of the way 

(excuse the terrible pun!). I have used it at venues up and down the countries
and even had my drummer use it instead of his bass drum for his kit at
a recent outdoor festivals. The feedback/response for general pubic
has been amazing with it and Im so pleased to be using it.
 Kind Regards,
Cole Stacey

Just took delivery of a nice DC stomp box post seeing Aynsley Lister use one in concert in Bury. Tito informs me that mines the second one made in that design. So if the man himself is ever in town minus his own then I\'m the man. Joking aside, great service and a solid fun piece of kit to get to grips with.
thanks & regards Rick.

Richard Allen

Hiya Tito!

I use it Every gig mate, 4 times a week, its like a 2nd limb now for acoustic gigs ;)

Used it on the Boyzone tour in March in MEN and NEC, was massive !!

Jimmy Docherty

Headed into the studio next Wednesday and will be using your wonderful stomp box on the new album
I shall keep ya posted
THANKS Tito x  

Donna Marie

Hi Tito
The stomp box is great..took a while to get used to but now I wouldnt be without it now

Martyn Joseph

hey man, yeah, the Stomp box is great thanks, been using it at solo shows a-plenty, including the levellers tour in december. good stuff, thanks again.
Frank Turner

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Tito,
I received the stompbox today and it's working nicely. Sounds great as well.
Thank you so much, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.

StompBox Users

Aynsley Lister

Frank Turner

Martyn Joseph

Jimmy Docherty

Cole Stacey

Dominic Finley  

Elliott Morris

Andrew Winton

Xavier Rudd

John Butler

John Lee Hooker

Jamie Cullum

 Luka Bloom

Jeff Lang

Tony Joe White

Harry Manx

Ash Grunwald

Tommy Emmanuel

James Michael Thompson

Jon Boden

Seasick Steve

Chris Whitley

Nathan Gaunt



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