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Here is a selection of Handcrafted Guitars By Tito Dalmedo



Dalmedo Custom Strat

Dalmedo BW Cocobolo Bass

 Dalmedo Custom Fireball  SOLD

Dalmedo  Tele Sold

 NEW  Dalmedo Custom Fireball For Sale

NEW  Dalmedo Custom LP  Sold

Simon Goulding Signature 6 String Bass  

Classical Guitars        


Onetel Guitars Music Hall Of Fame Awards
D.C Black Star                                           
D.C Gorgo V                                             
D.C Randy Rhoads V                                 
D.C Fireball MK2                                      
D.C JRT                                                    
D.C DF 5                                                  
D.C Sambora                                            
D.C K2                                                     
D.C Fireball MK1                                     
D.C Planets                                               
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