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Here is a selection of Handcrafted Guitars By Tito Dalmedo


 Dalmedo Custom Fireball  SOLD

Dalmedo  Tele For Sale 1 previous owner

 NEW  Dalmedo Custom Fireball For Sale

NEW  Dalmedo Custom LP For Sale

Simon Goulding Signature 6 String Bass  

Classical Guitars        


Onetel Guitars Music Hall Of Fame Awards
D.C Black Star                                           
D.C Gorgo V                                             
D.C Randy Rhoads V                                 
D.C Fireball MK2                                      
D.C JRT                                                    
D.C DF 5                                                  
D.C Sambora                                            
D.C K2                                                     
D.C Fireball MK1                                     
D.C Planets                                               
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