Fret Buzz & Pre Amp Repair & Action Sorted

No more fret buzz wiring setup pre amp working again
Makes it pleasure to play & learn on again
thanks tito great service


Fantastic job on my beloved old Yamaha, plays like a dream now and sounds just so much better.
Wish I\'d let Tito sort it sooner, thought my guitar was past it but how wrong was I, action is best it\'s ever been
Thoroughly recommended !


Brilliant Repair

I took my black peavey to tito and he fixed every last error on it. I plan on taking my custom build double neck down to him very very soon for a repair

Alex wilkins

I trusted Tito with my brand new - ibanez js 1200 - as i was having problems with my personal set up after changing the string gauge up to 10\'s. It now plays like a dream with nice low action & no fret buzz.

Highly recommended.

Ian Cahill 

Website : Attack With Style

Tito did a fantastic job setting up my guitars, an Epiphone Les Paul and a Fender Strat, about 6 months ago. Have just been back for a minor adjustment on the Strat which he sorted for me there and then and at no extra cost. Cheers!

Steve Clarke

Hi Tito, hope you are ok. Just a quick line to say thanks for a great job on the warwick. Looks ace with the black hardware and feels loads better now you've set it up.
Great job
Many thanks


Fitting LR Baggs Pick up

I first came across Tito about 15 months ago when he lowered the action on a brand new Fender 12 string acoustic I had purchased, and now it plays like a dream. He repaired the jack socket on my Fender Strat and gave my son\'s Fender bass a cracking service. Recently, he installed an LR Baggs pick up into my Yamaha acoustic, but the pick up turned out to be faulty. He liaised with LR Baggs to try and resolve the problem, but LR Baggs suggested I return the pick up and get a replacement. At no extra charge, Tito put in the replacement pick up, and everything is now working like clockwork. Tito is a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone for guitar repairs.

Peter Cobb

Guitar Setups

  Tito can simply work wonders with anything that has strings on it!!
He has done quite a few set ups and adjustments for me and does a diamond job every time.
Very very highly recommended!

 Ben walker


 I passed this man a pigs ear of a guitar and he gave me back a silk purse. What he did in 48 hours is the work of a genius. Brilliant.

Steve Helm

I had to drop you a quick line to thank you for doing such a superb job setting the Jem up. My son is absolutely thrilled with it. I had a go with it myself this afternoon and what a transformation!

I'm looking forward to you sorting the Breedlove out now and I'll probably drop the RG2550 off with you when I pick that one up funds allowing.
Many thanks

Hi Tito
Just a note to thank you again for your work on my guitars: the Strat has never played better, and looks new, and I've no idea how you fixed up the acoustic. Amazing!
Be in touch soon.

  Give tito my strat deluxe to set up , and what a great job it feels lovely and silky to play now .he also did some great wiring mods on the pickup selecton i can now have all my pickups on or just the bridge and neck pickups , aswell as the usual strat config .
Cheers tito great job hope to have you make me a guitar one day when ive got a few more pennys .

Steve Turner 

   I've been playing the guitar for 48 years and soon realised that guitars needed to be set up properly by someone who knows what they are doing. I have used various luthiers over the years but after trying Dalmedo guitars it has become obvious that they are miles in front of any other luthiers. Tito looks after all of my guitars and frankly I would be terrified of leaving  one of my proud possessions with any body else. He is simply the best.

Steve Hesketh

Maton acoustic setup 

Great service from Tito. My Maton acoustic was getting a bit tired after 10 years use. After a full setup from Tito it now plays like new. Thanks. I\'ll be back.

Simon Guest

Guitar repair to my PRS SE Custom 

Absolutely fantastic job. The headstock was broken clean off & now looks as good as new. Would recommend Tito without any hesitation.

Phillip Lord

Guitar Repairs & Set Up 

I can highly recommend Tito for his services and guitar repair. After having problems with the wiring on one of my new Chinese Les Paul guitars, to another i bought recently, which i took to Tito for a full rewire & set up. I am blown away just how good the guitar plays and sounds after Tito taking a look. I would highly recommend taking it to a professional like Tito with over 20 years experience, rather than your local music store. Cheers Tito!! 

Damian Phillips

Simon Goulding Custom Build

It's an absolute pleasure watching my signature model 6 string bass being built by you. The BEST possible materials being crafted by THE BEST luthier around. Always great service. Your knowledge & know-how is endless. VERY VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  

Simon Goulding

Hofner Archtop

A truly awesome job, thanks it plays like a dream

Justin Divine

Superb setup

I have use Dalmedo Guitars many times over the years, and my guitars are always setup perfectly ,they come back with low action shiny frets and play brilliantly, I highly reccomend his services
thanks again 


Hi Tito

You recently did the work on my lefty fender strat. Thankyou so much mate. I can't even begin to tell you how much of a good job you've done. It sounds amazing!! Thanx again Tito

Best regards

Si swarbrick

What a great job

You have fixed my les paul amazingly and at a fantastic price if there is one person to go for guitar repairs go to him!


I've now had several of my guitars set up by Tito and I am very happy with the results! Recommendable! 


Hi Tito
 The Les Paul is out of this world - the other band members could not believe the sound I was getting when put through my valve amp. Truely amazing.
 Now a thought - can you do the same on single coils. The same power and clarity ?
 Let me know
Cheers John :-))


Hi Tito,
  I hope you are really well, I just wanted to write and say that I am
just about to release my second record after a full UK tour this year
and my Dalmedo stompbox has been with me every step of the way 

(excuse the terrible pun!). I have used it at venues up and down the countries
and even had my drummer use it instead of his bass drum for his kit at
a recent outdoor festivals. The feedback/response for general pubic
has been amazing with it and Im so pleased to be using it.
 Kind Regards,
Cole Stacey

Hi Tito, thanks for the great repair to my custom shop Les Paul. When the headstock broke I thought that was the end of a great guitar . 10 days after the break here i am gigging again with it and it sounds and plays exactly the same. Fantastic! 

CheersKev Hopkinson (Styckleback)

Had a repair to les paul toggle switch fitted me in at very short notice excellent job done. Repaired a bass guitar a few years ago made an unplayable jackson sound good

mark jones professional garden maintenance  

 I had a guitar which had been repaired with a very bad set-up and as such I'd gotten used to playing with a very high action and had reserved that guitar for certain styles, I bought a new nut for the guitar and this highlighted the original problem to the extent that it was unplayable. I took the guitar to Tito and he commented that he didn't know how I'd managed to use it for so long. Rest assured I got the guitar back with an excellent set-up and I'm now using it for whatever I want to, rather than being restricted by a bad set-up. Great value for money and a truly professional service.

Si Plays Guitar  

 I purchased the 'Deluxe Guitar Setup' and received prompt, and friendly service that was excellent value for money. The job done was fantastic; my guitar plays better than ever. I had some queries about the set-up which were answered quickly and were very helpful.

Marcus Remnant 

Headed into the studio next Wednesday and will be using your wonderful stomp box on the new album
I shall keep ya posted
THANKS Tito x  

Donna Marie

 I took my trusty 10 year old SG to Tito for a complete overhaul. When I got it back it played and sounded better than it ever had. I would have no hesitation recommending his services to anyone and will certainly be using him for an annual service from now on :)

Mark Humphreys 

I had new super high gauge/tension strings on my bass and needed it setting up: truss rod was adjusted, intonation was set, nut aligned, bridge corrected and the action was lowered. Sounds sweet!

Marco Joceph 

Quintessential Records  

Hi Tito
The stomp box is great..took a while to get used to but now I wouldnt be without it now

Martyn Joseph

 I had 3 electric guitars set up professionally by Dalmedo Custom Guitars to a very high standard. The price was below all other guitar techs I used in the past and the level of service was superb. I am going to come back to Dalmedo again for minor repairs and set-ups and hopefully for a custom build guitar in the near future. If you want quality - don't go anywhere else


hey man, yeah, the Stomp box is great thanks, been using it at solo shows a-plenty, including the levellers tour in december. good stuff, thanks again.
Frank Turner

Tito, just fitted a pair of your D.C JB-V pickups to my Jackson and it sounds superb, they really are as good as you said, I'll have to get them on all my other guitars now:)
Thanks Tito, just fitted a pair of your D.C JB-V pickups to my Jackson and it sounds superb, they really are as good as you said, I'll have to get them on all my other guitars now:)
Thanks again again

Steve J

just got my guitar back after a deluxe setup, the difference is amazing, thanks

Davey Cross

Thanks for your work on my LP, it plays and sounds better than ever


Awesome Guitars


Hi Tito, just taken delivery of The D.C K2 Twin Neck - she's awesome! Lightning fast necks, easy action, sweet to play & gorgeous to look at. Anyone thinking of commissioning a guitar really should check out your services. All the best, Kev

Kev Kilner

Hi Tito,
I received the stompbox today and it's working nicely. Sounds great as well.
Thank you so much, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Hey Tito Thanks, your guitars look really cool reamember all men play on 10;) cheers from Rhino

Rhino Sweden

WOW!!! tito great GUITARS thanx buddy, soon we release more songs that will rock you all :) talk to you soon stay heavy!!!

Hey Tito you've got some serious talent

Icarus Falls

Hi Tito Some really cool guitars man. Hope to be playing one of 'em some day. Keep rocking 


Tito, its hard to put into words how happy I am with the guitar you built for me, ( D.C Planets) please dont hesitate to use me as a reference to your work.


Hi Tito, just a bit of feedback for anyone thinking of using you to setup their guitar...don't hesitate, terrific job turned a good guitar into a really good guitar that plays like a dream. :D :D :D

Ken Hill

Excellent work , Thanks 

Dave Crosby

Hey Tito. Thought I'd drop a line in here to say thanks for the great work you've done on my machines :p

Mick Williamson

Hi Tito just checkin out your site, pretty cool rock on!



Very nice looking guitars. Where can I find one 
in the U.S.?

Loui Borja

I got a superb set up done by Tito and I have 
to say thanks.
I recommend you get in touch and have this guy 
sort your guitar out.

Tony Marshall