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The UK Music Hall Of Fame
 Shown on Channel 4 on Sunday 6th November for a two-week season of music programming culminating in a spectacular live event, which  saw Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Who, The Kinks, Eurythmics, John Peel joining Britain's prestigious music honours list. Onetel sponsored the event, and I was commissioned to design and  build several of these onetel guitars based on the Onetel logo which were  used to promote the show. One was used on tv adverts (click on the i to see) and the Music Hall Of Fame shows on CH4, the others were signed by the artists when they had been inducted into the Hall Of Fame, the ceremony  took place at The Alexander Palace on the 16th nov 2005 and  shown on ch4  on the 17th, artists perfoming inc eurythmics, Alanis Morrisette, Ozzy,Black Sabbath, New Order, Slash, The Preteneders and more T.B.A
  The guitars feature mahogany bodies with maple necks tunomatic bridge and tailpiece with a D.C JB-V Humbucker

The UK Music Hall Of Fame Awards 16th November 2005

  Huge Banners of my Onetel Guitars decorate The Venue Alexandra Palace


Alanis Morrisette    

The Buzzcocks


Me And Slash ( After Show Party) Me And Steve Diggle, Buzzcocks (After Show Party)






                                       New Order

Human Fruit Salad ( After Show Party) Back Sabbath Back Stage David Gilmore
Guitars Ready For Signing
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The Onetel guitars were signed by the following artists and  auctioned for charity


Dave Stewart, Slash,
Jamie Cullum, Andy Gill,
Brian May, Ozzy Osbourne,
Annie Lennox, James Walsh,
Bob Geldof, Steve Winwood,
Damon Albarn,
Ray Davies, Dave Davies,
Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner,
Stephen Morris,Mitch Mitchell
Woody Harrelson, Pete Townsend,
Alanis Morrisette
and Zakk Wylde
                                        One of the signed guitars
Brian May Signs
Dave Davies puts down his new award to try out one of the guitars